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Mission and Values

Mission Statement: “Our purpose is to make our world more beautiful.”At Hermes, we are committed to a written set of service values and company philosophies that guide our daily activities, define how we conduct business, and shape our company culture.


  • It is the cornerstone of who we are: our main ingredient, our anchor, our core. To us, it means doing what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it.
  • By being ethical and fair with our customers, employees, and business associates, we have earned a reputation for being trustworthy.
  • By communicating with honesty and clarity, we always have our story straight.
  • In holding ourselves accountable, we honor our commitments to our customers, to our employees, and to the community.


  • As an organization, we have a passion for performance excellence. From our management to our mow crews to our receptionists, we can be relied upon to deliver the very best work this industry has to offer.
  • We seek out the industry’s best practices and then execute relentlessly. We are renowned craftsmen and give our close attention to every detail of our trade.
  • We understand that we must never stop learning and must continuously strive to innovate and improve. By always expecting more of ourselves, we maintain our passion for excellence.


  • We subscribe to the idea that as citizens of our community and our world we must be dedicated to ideals bigger than ourselves.
  • We are proud to be members of the original “green” industry, and we are proud to carry its responsibility as stewards of the environment. We know that what is good for our profits is more importantly good for our planet. 
  • We embrace sustainable practices, seeking  to protect and improve the natural world and honoring our responsibility to leave our spaces more beautiful than when we found them.
  • We believe giving is a privilege we are fortunate to have, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve and to be generous in giving back to the community.


  • Our unwavering commitment is this: Do whatever it takes for 100% customer satisfaction, and never stop until you get there. Through the services we provide, we commit to helping our customers be successful. In doing so, we become a trusted partner.
  • By seeking to understand our customers’ needs and wants, we deliver solutions that are viable, sustainable, and beautiful. The answer is always “yes.”


  • We are fiercely determined to bring value to our customers through our products and services. This means helping customers spend their money intelligently—on high-quality materials, smart designs, responsive service, and efficient work. We strive to deliver maximum value without compromising quality.
  • By continuously eliminating waste and driving costs down, we become a highly productive organization, passing these savings to our customers. We serve our customers well when we maximize their budgets and minimize their hassles, making great use of their investment in us.

We are proud to be named as one of Ingram's "Best of Business Kansas City 2013" winners. Hermes Landscaping was recognized in the Best Lawn/ Landscape Maintenance Firm category.

I think we have finally found a company that cares about doing a good job for their customers.

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