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Why Choose Hermes for your Commercial Landscaping?

What makes a truly exceptional landscape subcontractor? Great question. Here are our top ten reasons:

  1. People power. Dozens of our experienced, knowledgeable people, from designers, project managers, superintendents, and an army of hard-working crew members, will have a hand in any given project. They know how to make things happen on a jobsite, so that when deadlines get tough and projects get behind schedule, you can get caught up quickly. 
  1. Paper pushing. We are bonded, insured, licensed, certified, accredited, endorsed, guaranteed, and just about any other “-ed” you can think of. With a $10 million bonding capacity, rock-solid financials, plenty of experience on union and non-union jobs, and the ability to help fulfill MBE/WBE requirements, Hermes has got you covered.
  1. Quality controlled. Hermes Landscaping is one of the most trusted names in the industry because we make no compromises when it comes to craftsmanship and industry standards. But our commitment to quality goes beyond just dirt and trees; you can count on us for impeccable project management:

    • Flexible scheduling and crews at the ready
    • Cost control and value enhancement
    • Proactive project managers and superintendents
    • Communication, communication, communication
    • Problem anticipation and solving

  2. Unbeatable value. It’s one of our company’s foundational values: helping our customers spend their money well. If that plant is just not going to grow on that parking lot island, we’re going to tell you so and provide you with a satisfactory alternative. If we have trees an inch bigger than what you asked for, we’re going to offer them. We want to give you the most beauty for your buck that we possibly can.
  1. A deeper shade of green. Hermes couldn’t be more excited about what the green movement is bringing to our industry. We are leading the charge on sustainable landscaping projects in the area, with experience on LEED projects, weather-based irrigation systems, green roofs, rain gardens, storm water BMPs, native plantings, and more. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives here.
  1. Superior materials. Better quality plant material means a better landscape, period. That’s why we grow our own premium nursery stock at Hermes Nursery. We have a huge inventory of hand-crafted trees and shrubs, locally-grown and acclimated to area climate and soil conditions, which means the highest possible survival rates. People tell us all the time when our semis show up on the jobsite, “Wow, those are some good lookin’ trees!”
  1. Safety. We have an outstanding track record for safety on our projects. Our commercial team studies, teaches, and practices safe working habits, which means our customers have fewer delays and the lowest possible rate of injuries and damage to property.
  1. Water Works. Hermes Landscaping is one of the few contractors around to have full irrigation system design-build capabilities with CID certified designers. We create as-built drawings using CAD (computer-aided drafting), which means you will have a clear, accurate, and electronically transferable record of the work done on the project. Hermes has no rival when it comes to high-tech, high-performance irrigation systems.

  2. Warranty. One of the things our customers love about Hermes is our warranty and the fact that we stand behind our work. The job isn’t done until there’s a beautiful, thriving landscape on the jobsite we left. That means you can relax and move on to whatever is next.
  1. Establishment. When the last tree is planted and final punch-lists are done, it’s tempting to think the project is finished. In reality, it’s just the beginning. A quality landscape management program is critical to protecting the investment you just made. We’re skilled at helping you make that transition from construction to operations. Click here to learn more about our Landscape Management division.


CLO Midnight Farms has a new “treescape” thanks to a donation by Hermes Landscaping. The company donated $128,000 in trees and services to the non-profit...

I think we have finally found a company that cares about doing a good job for their customers.

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