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Hermes on KCTV 5 morning show

Stasia Hermes was in studio at KCTV 5 on May 7th to help homeowners choose the right tree for their yard. Here are the tips she gave:

Choosing the Perfect Tree

There are several factors to consider when you are ready to pick out a beautiful new tree for your yard. Follow these tips to make sure your new tree will have a long and healthy life ahead of it.

  1. Sunlight Exposure: There are certain trees that work best for every exposure - Before you come out, think about where you want to plant the tree, how much sun it will get in that spot, and what direction the sunlight will be coming from. South and West are the sunniest, while North and Eastern exposures tend to be good for more shade-loving plants.
  2. Drainage: Think about how wet or dry the spot for your tree is. Is it a well drained area on higher ground or does it tend to get swampy and wet after heavy rains? Most trees need good drainage to grow well, but some varieties can handle more water.
  3. Size and Space: A good question to ask your landscape professional is how tall and wide the tree’s canopy will grow to be at maturity. This way, you can judge whether or not it will interfere with other trees on your property, and how close to your home to plant. Also, think about the root system. Generally speaking, ornamental trees (crabs, pears, dogwoods, redbuds) have smaller roots that are okay near a foundation. Shade trees with large root systems should not be planted near a foundation, wall, or driveway.
  4. Tree Debris: If you’re planting near a pool, patio, or driveway, you’ll want to consider what kind of cleanup is involved with your tree’s droppings. Leaves, acorns, berries or seed pods are all things to consider. We can help you find the varieties with the least cleanup.
  5. Growth speed: If you’re trying to fill out an area with a big impact in a short period of time, think about a variety that grows quickly versus some trees like oaks that are much slower and take years to mature. Another option is to invest in a larger sized tree so you can have that instant gratification!

Have these five factors in mind when you choose your next tree, and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. The professionals at Hermes Landscaping can help guide you to the perfect, hand-picked tree.

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Choosing the perfect tree


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I think we have finally found a company that cares about doing a good job for their customers.

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