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Why Hermes Residential Landscaping?

As a homeowner and a consumer, your life is chock-full of choices, all day, every day. But they don’t all have to be difficult decisions.

Tie? Blue.
Ice cream? Ben and Jerry’s.
Vacation? Tahiti.
Landscaper? Hermes.

Here are a few good reasons to think about Hermes for your next residential landscaping project:

  • A one-stop shop saves you time, money, and hassle. Being a full-service residential landscape provider means we design it, grow it, build it, and maintain it. We can handle all of your needs. Take a look at our range of residential landscaping services for details.
  • Count on a name you can trust. Hermes has been in business since 1965 because we make no compromises on the quality of our landscaping work, and we stand by that work once it’s finished. Our reputation as a landscaper depends on it.
  • If it is value you seek, it is value we will deliver. At Hermes, we are committed to helping customers make great use of their investment in us, bringing the highest professional and performance standards to every residential landscaping project, no matter the budget.

    Take a small example: a tree. With Hermes, a tree is more than just a tree. You get a beautiful, healthy tree, hand-crafted at our own nursery. You get a knowledgeable landscape designer showing you which variety of tree to plant where. You get the expertise and attention to detail of the Hermes landscape crews who are installing your tree. You get a full warranty, and most importantly, you get the kind of customer service MasterCard would call “priceless.” Dollar-for-dollar, Hermes offers you the best landscape value on the market.

  • “Green” is getting greener. More and more, customers are asking for landscapes that are not only beautiful, but environmentally responsible. Hermes is leading the charge on landscape sustainability in the Kansas City area, and we are ready to help you create a more sustainable back yard. Check our page on sustainability for details.

  • It’s fun to be a “raving fan.” That’s the term we have for customers who just go nuts for our service. They write long thank-you letters, invite us to their children’s weddings in their new back yard, name their first child after us. (Okay maybe not that last part—yet!) People often hire us because they trust our company and we offer a fair price. But they keep coming back because of the experience they had with our people. We fully intend to wow you with our service and make you our next raving fan!


We are proud to be named as one of Ingram's "Best of Business Kansas City 2013" winners. Hermes Landscaping was recognized in the Best Lawn/ Landscape Maintenance Firm category.

I think we have finally found a company that cares about doing a good job for their customers.

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