Landscaping adds to the appeal of any home, and your yard can be attractive with a good landscape or hardscape design. One way to make it even more environmentally friendly is to include edible plants in the design. Things like lettuce, berries of all kinds, fruit trees, and even some vegetables, adds a practical quality to the beauty of your garden. You may eat the fruits of your labors yourself, or even let them attract wildlife that will enjoy your garden in more ways than one, and will not be as destructive as they might otherwise.

Having only edible plants might be hard to keep up, but adding it to your ornamental plants adds value and aesthetics to the overall design. You also get to enjoy your labors by eating the produce, sharing with neighbors, or with animals.

Imagine having a trellis lined with cherry tomatoes, or fragrant herbs adding pleasant aromas to your already beautiful gardens. It will be a sure conversation starter and your landscape will surely be the envy of the neighborhood as you have something that will be fun as well as unique.

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