Summer is winding down and now is a good time to start getting your landscape ready for the cooler temperatures that are soon to arrive. Here are some things you should be doing now to ensure your fall landscaping needs are fully covered.

  1. Prepare your lawn. It’s most likely the largest element to your landscaping, so you’ll want to make sure the root system is in solid condition before the frost arrives. You should sow either Rye or Fescue into any dead spots now and ensure that you apply an all-natural, slow-release fertilizer.
  2. Tidy things up. Remove fallen leaves, debris, and other elements that can become breeding grounds for diseases and insect infestations.
  3. Get your containers ready. Move warm-weather plants such as citrus, palms, bananas, etc., indoors. This will keep them warm and happy. Further, transplant your perennials directly into the garden. They’ll do just fine in the winter soil.
  4. Store your gear. Clean off your tools, oil them, and put them away so you can use them in the spring.

Fall landscaping doesn’t have to stress you out. Let the team at Hermes Landscaping lend you a hand to get your trees, plants, and grass ready for winter.