Now that the weather is cooling off, the time has come to shut down your outdoor water features for the season. Some are easier than others and the following tips are ones you should follow to ensure your water features aren’t damaged when the freezing weather sets in.

  1. Check the chemistry. Make sure the pH levels are neutral before you close down your fountains, pools, or ponds. This will help prevent excess algae growth over the winter.
  2. Clean them out thoroughly. Remove any debris such as dirt or leaves. This will minimize decay and help keep the water from becoming toxic.
  3. If you have a pond with fish in it, make sure it has plenty of water in it. This will ensure that should the water freeze over, your fish won’t become “fishsickles.” Additionally, you may choose to hook an aerator up to your pond to keep it from freezing over and to help it maintain the proper oxygen/bacteria levels.

Hermes Landscaping can help you protect your outdoor water features from the elements this fall and winter. We invite you to contact us for more information about our services and the ways we can assist you.