There is nothing as unpleasant as having to wade through snow when you get to work. Whether it’s two inches or a couple of feet, we’ll be happy to help you out with snow removal in Kansas City this winter.

With our climate and sometimes legendary snowfalls, the team at Hermes Landscaping begins preparing for winter long before the leaves begin to change colors. From getting the plows ready, to ensuring adequate staffing levels, we know that when the flakes begin to fall our trucks are ready to roll.

From parking lots to HOA’s, we can handle any type of commercial property. We use magnesium chloride as our de-icing agent to ensure that your hard surfaces remain ice free, thus reducing you, your employees, tenants and customer risk of slipping and falling. This makes investing in professional snow removal services this winter an investment you’ll be glad you made. Plus, you won’t have to get out there with a shovel and do all the work yourself.

Don’t let the white flakes falling from the sky ruin your winter. Before the next snow or ice event, be sure to contact Hermes Landscaping for more information about snow and ice removal in Kansas City this season.