Our Story

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." - Aristotle


We are proud of our story and how we came to be. Our founder John T. Hermes was a man with a dream. He’s a man with a keen business mind and an agrarian soul. John attended Oklahoma State University and earned a degree in Agriculture with an emphasis in Animal Science. After 10 years in agriculture chemical sales and the military he knew he was built for a bigger and more fulfilling path. In 1965 with a wife and five little mouths to feed, and the right amount of moxie, Country Fair Lawns started its humble beginning in a barn which evolved into what we all know today as Hermes Landscaping. John’s disposition is not only warm and kind, but he’s a great businessman. You either want to work for him or with him.

John recruited his oldest son Dalton to join the company in 1986 and was later purchased by Dalton in 1998. Today, the company is owned and operated by Dalton Hermes and going strong for over 50 years. Dalton continues to lead the company with the same enthusiasm and passion that he had for the business when, at the ripe old age of four, started riding to work with his father.


We like to get up early, work hard, and go home with the feeling of accomplishment that can only come from a successful hard day’s work. We love being outside, digging in the dirt with the sun on our backs. We know there is something special about the smell of fresh cut grass. We promote healthy hearts, bodies, and minds. We are people who will look you in the eye with a smile and a handshake. We are the people you can count on to keep their cell phone on 24-7, because we understand if you are calling us at 2:00 A.M, you need us. And we will be there.


By seeking to understand our customers’ needs and wants, we deliver solutions that are viable, sustainable, and beautiful. The answer is always “yes.” Do whatever it takes for 100% customer satisfaction, and never stop until you get there – that is our unwavering commitment. Through the services we provide, we commit to helping our customers be successful. In doing so, we become a trusted partner.


At Hermes Landscaping, we are proud of our team of amazing men and women. Call us biased, but we believe they are unparalleled in heart, subject matter expertise, industry knowledge, skill, and commitment. That is why they are the best in the business. They are the reason our company has continued to succeed throughout the years. We work hard to hire the finest people our industry has to offer, and we create opportunities for people who are willing to learn. We hold our family roots close to our hearts, and we wear our values on our sleeves.


Corporate responsibility goes beyond community causes. Hermes Landscaping prides itself on sponsoring organizations that connect youth and nature. We advocate and also support organizations dedicated to mentorship and training of youth; giving them valuable life skills and tools to succeed in the green industry.


Here at Hermes, we believe our purpose is to make our world more beautiful. We are committed to a written set of service values and company philosophies that guide our daily activities, define how we conduct business, and shape our company culture.


We subscribe to the idea that as citizens of our community and our world we must be dedicated to ideals bigger than ourselves. Hermes is proud to be members of the original “green” industry, and as so carry its responsibility as stewards of the environment. We embrace sustainable practices, seeking to protect and improve the natural world and honoring our responsibility to leave our spaces more beautiful than when we found them.